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Does anyone have a link to where I could download the video that this cap came from??

Free Image Hosting at

I've been searching all last night and I cant find it anywhere.
I dont know what that cap is from but I wanna see the video :(
Really bad.

So please help me.

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Hey, i have a new contest running over at my icon stillness challenges, it's the last icon maker standing contest. And here's how it works:Ok, so i decided to go ahead with this. We only got a couple comments to the are u interested post, but i figure people would be more interested if sign ups had actually started and they could see what this is all about, so here are the 'rules'

Last Icon Maker Standing

What is it?

Well that's an easy question. It's where you (yes you) get to compete against the other members of this lovely community to win the LIMS title. You'll participate in weekly challenges until there's only one icon maker left. This person is the winner!

How do we find out who wins?

The challenges are just like any other challenge in the community, but only the LMIS participants are allowed to submit. When voting is all said and done, the person with the least amount of votes is 'voted off.' It goes until only one person's left!

Are there any other ways to get voted off?

The only other way to be taken off the participants list is to not submit to a challenge. This will automatically disqualify you.

I'm not going to be here for one of the weeks. Does that mean I can't participate?

Of course not. Simply let us know before you're going to be without internet access, and we'll e-mail the challenge to you. E-mail us back your entry and we'll put it in the voting.

If you wanna sign up, the isgn up posts are up at

ams_stillness - dedicated to the movie a walk to remember and its 2 stars, shane west and mandy mooreduff_stillness -dedicated to hilary duff

eliza_stillness - dedicated to eliza dushku

Hope to see some of you there :)